RLC addresses all of your day-to-day IT management needs so you can focus on strategic initiatives. The depth of our knowledge and experience with traditional and advanced technologies as well as your specific IT infrastructure position us to successfully manage all key technology systems.

We provide reliable, secure services using our decades of vision, knowledge and processes. We also work closely with you to review key business needs, cost structures and processes. And through our ITIL based systems, Project Management Professional frameworks, and processes, we closely monitor every system to ensure your IT infrastructure delivers service levels aligned with business requirements.

Restaurants and retailers are continually challenged by changing consumer trends, disruptive technology, and new competition. RLC understands that to operate a successful retail business in an evolving industry, you need retail point of sale (POS) that can scale and adapt with your changing needs. Our solutions are also configurable so they can be tailored to support your unique business processes and strategies. By choosing from a wide range of products and value-added services from RLC to complement your POS solution, you can create a total retail solution for your business that enables you not only to meet new challenges — but also to thrive.